BH Cafe

Our Brick House Café is home to a rich selection of both international and exotic Northern Thailand specialities. We guarantee our experienced chefs can concoct anything to please your tastebuds all day, everyday.

We believe happy bellies make happy travelers! Choose from a wide selection of tantalizing Western menus featuring eggs, toast, sausage, ham, potatoes, eggs, to seasonal fruits plus juice or coffee. Don't be afraid to ask for Today's Special! You might just fall in love! :)

Not to take a backseat to breakfast, Brick House's A La Carte lunch and dinner menus are a must-try. We're committed to providing you with fresh ingredients from the market that's not only nutritious but equally tasty. Craving Western cuisine? No problem! We offer pizzas, burgers, and pizza for carb lovers. Craving Thai cuisine? Let us help you! We'll get right to work to create the best Tom Yum Kung, Khao Soi, or stir-fried noodles; whatever you want, we can make it!